With proper care, your Scandia Home® luxuries can last a lifetime. To help your bedding stay beautiful over the years, we offer expert advice, as well as restoration or cleaning whenever you need it. Our in-house staff is extremely knowledgeable about our products—and always pleased to discuss your needs or arrange services. That’s why our toll-free number is on every Scandia Home® tag. If you ever have any concerns, simply call us at 1-800-237-5337.

It’s all part of The Scandia Home® DifferenceSM.

As a rule of thumb, Scandia® items only need cleaning every 2 to 4 years, depending upon the habits of the household. Duvet covers and pillow protectors should always be used and cleaned as often as necessary.
When it comes time for professional cleaning, Scandia® customer service can arrange for your items to be cleaned in a facility built exclusively for this type of care. All down products will be washed, except where indicated. Silk may be dry-cleaned. Upon arrival, in-house experts will inspect the item for wear and may recommend restoration or repair services in addition to cleaning.
Please note that improper cleaning or the accumulation of soiling and stains may cause premature wear and void the warranty coverage. Restoration may be recommended for items in this condition.
In addition, there are some stains such as mold, mildew, and fire damage that cannot be cleaned or removed.

Restoration Packages
After several years of enjoyment your pillow, comforter or foundation may begin to lose its firmness, show signs of wear or require refreshing. Scandia® offers a variety of services that include some or all of the following: purification of the down, replacement of the ticking and restoring the item to its original firmness by adding the appropriate amount of down. Whatever the issue, our expert technicians will do their best to restore the bedding as close to its original condition as possible. If the item is extremely worn and compressed, the customer may opt for custom restoration to have the piece rebuilt from start to finish. There may also be instances in which an item is in such disrepair, that we are unable to care for it.

Comfort Adjustment Services
Scandia® offers complimentary adjustments of our down pillows up to 60 days from original purchase. We charge only for any additional down added at that time. Any down removed during the adjustment process is returned to you. A copy of your original sales receipt or store sales order is required to redeem this benefit.

If you find that your new comforter or pillow needs adjustment after 60 days, Scandia can add or subtract down for optimum comfort. We cannot remove down from a comforter, only add down. For pillows, we can add or subtract down and any excess removed during the adjustment process is returned to you.

Custom Adjustments
Scandia® also offers custom repairs and adjustments. Our services include: tailoring down furnishings to fit a new bed, stitching most tears and patching fabric.

Please note: Due to their personalized nature custom adjusted items are not returnable.
Please call 1-800-438-2431 to speak with a Customer Service representative about this service.

It is Scandia's desire and intent to provide prompt service and to turn your product around in the shortest time possible when handling your requests for Adjustments, Repairs or Restorations. Most services take 15 business days or less to complete after our quote is accepted and the item arrives at our facility for service. Cleaning-only services take 10 business days or less, returning your Scandia Home® bedding to you in mint condition in minimal time.