Choosing The Right Comforter

How do you sleep?

Your sleep habits and the room environment (temperature) are key considerations when choosing your Scandia Down comforter. Do you sleep in a warm or cold room? Are you a ‘cool’ sleeper or a ‘hot’ sleeper? Do you prefer a lightweight covering or a heavier one?

Scandia Down Comforter Weights

Scandia Down comforters are generally offered in 3 weight levels; Light, Medium and Ultra. The “weight level” is a result of the amount of fill that is used in making the comforter. These levels are sometimes also identified with seasonality designations, ie., Summer Weight, Year-Round, or Winter Weight, although these terms may be misleading in today’s climate-controlled/air-conditioned world.

  • Light Weight — ideal for warm climates, warmer bedrooms, or cool summer nights.
  • Medium Weight — ideal for most climates, cool nights or temperature controlled bedrooms.
  • Ultra Weight — thick and fluffy, designed for cold climates or for those who prefer little to no heat in their bedrooms.

Down Types

Down is nature's finest insulator. Down keeps you cozy in cold environments, but also provides a light breathable layer in warmer ones. Other than the comforter weight, the type of down, fill-power and cluster percentage of the down are factors to consider in your comforter choice. Scandia Down comforters use only premium down from mature birds that have superior down clusters. Down clusters are structured somewhat like snowflakes with dozens of soft, fine filaments. As the filaments "loft" (expand and fluff), they create thousands of tiny air pockets, making our down luxuriously lightweight, and keeping you comfortable.

The colder the climate the birds come from, the larger the down clusters and therefore the better the down. Scandia selects down from Hungary, Poland, northern Europe or Siberia, because these locations produce the finest clusters in the world. Only premium white down, with its greater insulation value, better loft and lighter weight is used for Scandia Down comforters.

Fill Power

Fill power is a measure of the loft or "fluffiness" of a down clusters. High fill power down gives you more warmth with much less weight. Higher fill powers are also associated with a larger percentage of down clusters and a larger average down cluster size. The larger the cluster, the greater the loft. More loft creates more warmth since the more air an ounce of the down traps, the more insulating ability it will have. As a general guide, within the industry, 500 fill-power is considered average and 800 fill-power, sublime. Scandia Down comforter fill power ranges from about 600 for feathers to nearly 900 for the highest quality goose down. The rare down of certain wild waterfowl species such as the eider duck can have higher fill powers than goose down.

We offer the highest quality in natural down fills, high thread count shells and traditional European quality details such as baffle-box construction, piped edges with double-needle stitching and corner loops for securing duvet covers. The following guide will illustrate the things to look for when you have made the decision to invest in a high quality down comforter.

Scandia Down-Free Comforters

Although Scandia Down products are hypoallergenic as a result of our meticulous selection and rigorous cleaning process, Scandia Down-Free was created for those who may still prefer a down-free environment and desire Scandia quality.