Choosing The Right Pillow

How do you sleep?

Predominantly on your Stomach, Side, or Back? When it comes to choosing sleep pillows, knowing your own sleep habits will prove to be the best guide.

Scandia Down Pillow Firmness

Scandia Down sleep pillows are generally offered in 3 density levels, Soft, Medium and Firm. Typically, a soft pillow will work best for stomach-sleepers, while back sleepers will prefer medium, and side sleepers may prefer firm pillows. If you are uncertain which way to go, medium pillows are a safe bet.

Soft-ideal for stomach sleepers.
Medium-ideal for back sleepers.
Firm-ideal for side sleepers.

Down Types

Other than the pillow firmness, the type of down, fill-power and cluster percentage of the down are factors to consider in your pillow choice. Generally, down from bigger birds in colder climates has larger clusters and higher fill-power. The larger clusters recover more quickly in use and will fluff back up to their former plumpness more consistently, thus preserving the comfort you experience over longer pillow life. Fill power is an indicator of quality, loft and how long a down pillow will retain its firmness. Fill power is not a measure of firmness, higher fill power down pillows are NOT firmer than lower fill power down pillows. However, the higher the fill power the higher the quality, the higher it will loft and the longer it will retain its firmness.

At Scandia Home we want you to enjoy ideal sleep on your Scandia Down pillows so we offer a complimentary New Pillow Adjustment program designed to make sure your pillow suits your preference. If the pillow you choose isn’t just right, Scandia Home will adjust it for you for free within 60 days of your purchase (or receipt as a gift). You will only be charged for additional down added to upgrade from level to level. Any down removed to make your pillow softer will be returned to you for use in future restoration.

Scandia Down-Free Pillows

Although Scandia Down products are hypoallergenic as a result of our meticulous selection and rigorous cleaning process, Scandia Down-Free was created for those who may still prefer a down-free environment and desire Scandia quality.