The Elegance of Essential Bedding at Scandia Home

At Scandia Home, the essentials go beyond our renowned Scandia Down products. With down alternative products that approach the feel of our natural fills and utility bedding products that are always several levels beyond basic, Scandia's renowned quality will bring you that blissful rest. Whether you're looking for a pillow-top featherbed or a cotton-filled mattress pad, from summer-weight down coverlets to a dizzying array of decorator pillow inserts, we bring you those special items you won't find elsewhere. They are all part of the Scandia Home difference!

22 Results

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Luxembourg Comforter
$3,869.00 to $5,175.00
Vienna Comforter
$1,314.00 to $3,618.00
Salzburg Comforter
$954.00 to $2,118.00
Lucerne Comforter
$569.00 to $1,558.00
Copenhagen Comforter
$339.00 to $707.00
Bergen Down Free Comforter
$224.00 to $316.00
St. Petersburg Pillow
$919.00 to $1,481.00
Luxembourg Pillow
$788.00 to $1,344.00
Vienna Pillow
$438.00 to $846.00
Salzburg Pillow
$384.00 to $718.00
Lucerne Pillow
$305.00 to $564.00
Copenhagen Down Pillow
$138.00 to $322.00
Down Featherbed
$1,151.00 to $2,010.00
Pillowtop Featherbed
$757.00 to $1,233.00
Down Filled Mattress Pad
$608.00 to $828.00
Pure Cotton Mattress Pad
$260.00 to $415.00
Bio Wool Mattress Pad
$390.00 to $695.00
Sateen Pillow Protectors
$20.00 to $26.00