Fine Linens

Heirloom Quality Fine Linens

There is nothing in the world quite like a crisp new set of luxury linens. Scandia Home offers premium quality sheets, Italian linens, duvet covers, and European shams that are the last word in comfort. Choose from an array of exquisite fabrics from Giza cotton to silk and lyocell with finishes that deliver quintessential comforts for the most refined sleep preferences. Whether you prefer percale or sateen, with details like jacquard weaves, hemstitching and classic Italian embroideries, all await you at Scandia Home. Scandia fine linens present the time-tested standards of European linens made to meet American sensibility.

13 Results

Adriana Percale
$105.00 to $645.00
Classic Natural Percale
$62.00 to $276.00
$35.00 to $385.00
$35.00 to $385.00
$128.00 to $1,025.00
San Remo
$128.00 to $1,025.00
Plush 1000 Sateen Bedding
$117.00 to $1,566.00
N°45 Classico Percale Bedding
$270.00 to $1,260.00
Princess 600 Sateen Bedding
$79.00 to $576.00
Villa 700 Sateen Bedding
$203.00 to $405.00
Legna Classic Bedding
$56.00 to $797.00
Legna Seville Bedding
$59.00 to $851.00
Classic Silk Bedding
$120.00 to $988.00