Luxembourg Non-RDS Down Comforter

Experience the loft of 800 fill-power Siberian white goose down with the sumptuous touch of German silk-and-cotton Jacquard. This Luxembourg down comforter was manufactured before RDS certification but is still the Scandia Home quality you know and love.  Do not miss this amazing opportunity to purchase a comforter of extraordinary luxury and beauty.
  • Manufactured before RDS certification
  • 800 fill-power Siberian white goose down
  • 475 thread count, silk & cotton damask ticking with a subtle crème colored windowpane pattern.
  • Sateen piping around edges, double-stitched for durability & longevity
  • Baffle box stitching keeps down from shifting and eliminates cold spots
  • Professional dry clean recommended

Scandia Down Comforter (Weights)

Scandia Down Comforters are usually offered in 3 weights: Light, Medium, and Ultra, with a few offered in an ultra-light weight.  Individual preferences may vary but typically,

  • LIGHT comforters are ideal for warm climates, warmer bedrooms, or cool summer nights,
  • MEDIUM comforters are great for most climates and temperature-controlled bedrooms.
  • ULTRA comforters are thick and fluffy, designed for cold climates or for those who prefer the decorative aspect of a super fluffy duvet filler.

Note: The weight level is a result of the amount of fill that is used in making the comforter and its Fill Power. Higher Fill power delivers more warmth per ounce than lower Fill power. These levels are sometimes identified with seasonal designations like Summer Weight, Year-Round, or Winter Weight.

$1,512.00 to $2,553.00 $2,520.00 to $4,255.00
Item: Luxembourg Non-RDS Down Comforter
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