Experience the Luxury of Scandia Down

At Scandia, we continue to build on our heritage of creating the best luxury down comforters, down pillows and foundations in the world. Soft, warm, and sumptuous, Scandia down-filled delights set the stage for the most refreshing night's sleep. Scandia starts with the finest white down in the world, following a meticulous, purification process to ensure that it is absolutely pristine. This measure results in down that is so refined, it is hypoallergenic. Hand-filled and crafted in Wisconsin from the finest imported materials, each Scandia down-filled product is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and lifetime warranty.

22 Results

St. Petersburg Comforter
$3,550.00 to $5,894.00
Vienna Comforter
$1,314.00 to $3,618.00
Luxembourg Comforter
$3,869.00 to $5,175.00
Copenhagen Comforter
$339.00 to $707.00
Lucerne Comforter
$569.00 to $1,558.00
Salzburg Comforter
$954.00 to $2,118.00
St. Petersburg Pillow
$919.00 to $1,481.00
Luxembourg Pillow
$788.00 to $1,344.00
Vienna Pillow
$438.00 to $846.00
Salzburg Pillow
$384.00 to $718.00
Lucerne Pillow
$305.00 to $564.00
Copenhagen Down Pillow
$138.00 to $322.00
Down Featherbed
$1,151.00 to $2,010.00
Pillowtop Featherbed
$757.00 to $1,233.00
Down Filled Mattress Pad
$608.00 to $828.00
Diamond Coverlet
$362.00 to $500.00