Care Guide


Correctly performed cleaning by a professional cleaner who is familiar with down-filled products is not only recommended, but is required to maintain Scandia Home’s lifetime limited warranty coverage. Improper cleaning, or the accumulation of soiling and stains, may cause premature wear and void the warranty coverage. Depending on the habits of the household, we recommend cleaning products every 2-4 years. Duvet covers and pillow protectors should always be used and cleaned as often as necessary.

When it comes time for professional cleaning, Scandia Home Customer Service can arrange for your items to be cleaned in a facility built exclusively for this type of care.



Machine-wash warm or cold water on a gentle cycle. Use a gentle detergent without added bleach, fabric softeners, or whiteners. Make sure to treat stains prior to washing. 


Natural fibers will wrinkle, but these are some steps you can take while drying linens to minimize the wrinkling. Tumble dry on low heat until damp. Low heat setting is preferred- high heat will weaken the fibers and increase shrinkage. Remove linens from the dryer while they are still damp. Smooth out and let air dry to completely dry, or press with an iron while damp to remove any of the remaining wrinkles.


Always check to make sure your iron is clean to prevent any brown spotting.  Iron bed linens while they are still slightly damp. For cotton, the recommended setting is warm/hot, while Linen requires a hot setting. You could use a spray bottle for any stubborn wrinkles, if needed.  To keep sateen fabrics lustrous, iron on the reverse side.

Please contact 1-800-438-2431 to speak to a representative about cleaning your Scandia Down and Linen products.